The term Reiki is derived from Japan and represents the energy of the universe. The Chinese also call it “the vitality of life”. Reiki can improve the ability of self-healing and self-protection which are inborn within us. When a person’s energy is abundant, the body will become healthy, the emotional and psychological state will be balanced.

Reiki is an alternative therapy initiated by Japanese Mikao Usui in 1922. Reiki is a form of energy healing that integrates the energy of the universal to allow life energy flows well in our bodies, and to enhance physical and emotional balance.

Reiki is also Japan’s palm healing. It transmits the energy of the universe to the client through the hands of the therapist; to allow the client using the energy transmitted to the body freely; to return to the state of balance among body, mind and soul; and to allow healing occur naturally.

Reiki conveys the spirit of nature, enlightenment, flexibility, tolerance, compassion and peace. It is a natural, gentle and loving form of energy healing.

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